Sunday School Reopening Guidance

We will open Sunday school on August 23, 2020. Sunday school will be from 10:00 to 10:45. The guidance listed below will be used to reopen Sunday school. The guidance is subject to change at any time with the changing nature of Covid-19. The pastor, staff and Sunday school leadership will evaluate the guidance on a monthly basis to see if changes are needed.

  1. All departments will be arranged with seating at least 6 feet apart. Families or couples may sit together.

  2. For the comfort of others, masks should be worn while walking through the building.

  3. Masks will be optional inside the classrooms as they are in worship. Each class or department may decide for themselves if masks are mandatory within the department or class. All individuals are always free to wear a mask.

  4. At this time, we will not serve food or coffee; so, people are free to bring their own. Bottled water, canned or bottled soda may be offered.

  5. Pre-School will offer classes during Sunday school. We will not offer extended session (childcare during church) at this time in order to reduce the exposure to the children and other adults. There will be a cry room available in the gym.

  6. We will check the temperature of all workers as well as the temperature of the children fifth grade and under.

  7. We will enter the building using only the North and South doors of the Impact Center (the building located farthest to the west). All other doors will be emergency exit only.